Manic Monday - week of July 6th

Another quarantine weekend went by. California had been open for several weeks to an extent, where we were able to go to the malls and even to the bar. But despite having been the first to shut down, we have one of the most increase in cases. So back inside we go. I don't blame the rest of world if they look at us with pity. It is very pitiful. It just goes to show that there is no escaping the plight of the corona, and to take it seriously no matter how much you think you've got this handled.

Last week I started working again after having been unemployed since mid April. In fashion, when you work you're swamped. When you don't work, there's crickets. There is no in between. Yet, I am grateful that I have income and savings, which many people do not. I am one of the lucky ones and count my blessings.

So I continue with my Monday #inspiration posts when I can. Although I would like to dedicate more time to my own projects in order to find my voice, sometimes my day job is just all consuming. It keeps the lights on and I always put 110% into my work. But I'm also practicing not being so hard on myself if I don't accomplish every single thing on my list. Sometimes, being in good #mentalhealth is the most important.

1. via @Anna Sui 2. via VSCO 3. via @All Saints 4. Cray in Yorkshire Dale, England 5. Elliette 6. Villefrance-sur-Mer 7. Bankok 8. Elliette 9. MSGM 10. cherry bomb ref. unknown