Manic Monday - week of June 15th

Keeping it simple this week. #Summer is officially around the corner, but does it feel like it? Nothing has really changed since Spring. Around here in Los Angeles, coronavirus cases have been climbing. Protests are still going on, and I still see a lot of people without masks. I'm all for free speech, but please people, keep wearing masks and staying a safe physical distance so that you can continue to be strong and fight the good fight! Oh well, what are we going to do with these kids.

1. ref. unknown 2. via 3. "recycling is magic" 4. Urban Outfitters 5. "buy less choose well" 6. Tracy Anderson swimwear 7. Na Nin 8. Sustainability is the new Black 9. Lack of Color 10. Think of Yourself as a Curator 11. Carla Llanos 12. "You are what you wear" 13. ref. unknown 14. No such thing as throw away 15. ref. unknown