Manic Monday - week of June 1st

What a wild weekend. Even as I stayed home not wanting to be the free ride that corona hitch hikes on, I could hear sirens wailing of police cars and National Guards passing through to a nearby town. I live in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles county that didn't experience the smoke and gunshot, but just a couple of cities away in downtown Los Angeles was a different story. It feels almost like civil war. And yet, this is just another ripple effect of #injustice all the meanwhile we're still grappling with a #pandemic.

Things will definitely never be the same again. The anger has been stoked and it's now an out of control fire. What will it take to bring peace back? What will it take for the unheard to feel heard, and the have-nots to feel like they have a chance? They say there is a mix of peaceful protestors, far-left anarchists, far-right extremists, and instigators. Even though as an immigrant, I'm pretty lucky. I have a college education. Still, I spent most of my adult life undocumented so the pain of being on the fringe is very real. I get why these people are mad. When society has told you time again that you are not worth anything in their books--that you will be overlooked, then what obligation do you have to rules? Playing by the rules has got them nowhere. What other options are there?

Among chaos, I like to focus on beautiful things. As a designer, I have to focus on it in order to create. It's been a challenge being creative in what feels like a vacuum. But my mom is in the high-risk category for the virus, so I do my part by #StayingHome. As much as I believe in standing up for justice, I also don't want to be the one that accidentally brings home a virus to my mom who could die from it. I'm not paranoid, I'm just trying to do what I can to prevent spread.

I hope you too can find inspiration in the #chaos.

1. Florence Welch 2. Sami Miro vintage capsule 3. The Reformation 4. The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street 5. Alessandro Michele 6. Gandhi 7. The Vinyl Wall 8-10. "Russian Kerchiefs and Shawls" Aurora Art Publishers 11. Ernest Hemingway 12. Alessandro Michele 13. Sandra Oost 14. Prince "Purple Rain" 15. Less Is Wore Females 16. NASA x SpaceX launch loss of signal