Manic Monday - week of June 23rd

Happy Summer! I went for some retail therapy over the weekend for the first time in 3 months. As a designer, it is part of our jobs to visit the stores and research what is happening with current trends and scope your competition. I noticed that the colors and styling felt very Spring. And it's probably due to the fact that we basically skipped over the Spring season (March through mid June) and the stores were just trying to unload the inventory. There is so much wrong with fashion right now, I don't have the energy to get into it as it can be quite depressing. From wage disparities to the environment, there isn't a shortage of problems that need practical and immediate solutions. It's too much for me to tackle right now, so let's just focus on inspiration.

What I missed most about visiting the stores wasn't to be able to buy something, but to be inspired by the experience. Online shopping has become more accessible over the years, but nothing beats seeing the fabrics, textures, and colors in person. I went to the Americana in Glendale, CA. which is an outdoor dining and shopping destination with a water fountain in the center that shoots water to the beat of music played on the loudspeaker, like Bellagio in Vegas. There's something about a central water feature that just brings people in. The meandering walkways wrap around the outdoor restaurant seating where you can see and hear people enjoying their freedom. It's all those details that makes shopping something to enjoy, and boy have I missed that.

While stores and restaurants are starting to open up, we can't forget that the virus is still very active out there. So I stay cautious and stay home mostly. I'm still watching a lot of YouTube. Over the weekend, I discovered the art of marble paper making on YouTube. The effect is stunning, and would make a gorgeous allover print.

1. Paul Juno 2. Sleeve detail by Joie 3. Cecile Bahnsen Resort 2021 4. via The Fashion Guitar 5. via Style Bubble 6. Ferreira De Sa Rugs 7. Cecile Bahnsen Resort 2021 8. Wolfensson Boutique in Vienna 9. textured overalls, ref. unknown 10. Martha Stewart, how to make marbled paper 11. Blouse detail by Zara 12. Milan Street style SS 2016 13. Sara Woodrow "Woman at Gate" 14. Jacqemus Spring 2020