Manic Monday - week of June 8th

The world is a very different place than we left it even just two weeks ago, before the times of civil unrest. Protests are happening all over the globe, as we reach a pinnacle point of realizing that race plays a huge part in our lives. Whether we like to talk about it or not, for a lot of brands it can be taboo to even bring it up. It is divisive. It is heated. And for some people, it's a topic they cannot ignore in their daily lives. It's high time those who never thought about racism start to understand what it's really about.

I listen to Code Switch on NPR podcasts, which covers issues surrounding race by voices who live and breathe the experience daily. I think it's important to recognize that while some may never fully grasp the benefits their race has afforded them, there are others who are traumatized, even killed, because of it. Who cares if it is a divisive and triggering topic. Fashion brands are talking about it on their social media, with equal backlash from people of color as white America. Like I's a divisive topic. It's something every human being should be aware of, because meanwhile another fellow human is being persecuted for it.

While my main focus for this blog and my brand in general is sustainability, animal welfare, and fashion, I can't deny that race is ever present in my daily life as an Asian. I also think you'd have to be living under a rock to not acknowledge the relevance of race right now.

So that's my weigh in for this week. Let's also not forget that today is #WorldOceansDay. Like race, the ocean no matter where you live on planet Earth effects you--from climate regulation, to air purification, the economy, to medicines. So while there are some who could care less about our beaches, the ocean is so much more than that, covering 80% of the Earth's surface. If the ocean dies, we die.

World Oceans Day Call to Action

Follow and donate to conservation groups such as Sea Legacy and Surfrider’s Foundation. I don’t eat #seafood, but when I did years ago I used an app that helped me figure out which sources were #sustainable. Many species are in danger of being overfished and some farmed seafood are more sustainable than others. I liked the app from Seafood Watch. And speaking of seafood, I highly recommend this #TED talk from chef Dan Barber who visited a fish farm that actually cleans the water coming through the farm using natural biodiversity.

1. Lee Litumbe of Spirited Pursuit 2. via DiztantDreamer 3. #BlackPowerYellowPeril 4. Sea Lagacy 5. Surfer Skull ref. unknown 5. Northern Italy ca. 1983. ref. unknown 6. Crate and Barrel 7. Vanessa Palmer 8. via BlackGirlActivist 9. via tschirki 10. Alex Garland, Seattle 2011 11. LACMA 12. via Causes