Manic Monday - week of May 11th

Updated: May 20, 2020

Happy Monday world! How many of you were able to enjoy what your state has started opening up this weekend? I'm wondering if you all felt safe, or if you just threw caution to the wind? However you spent it, I hope that you are all safe as we move into uncharted territory. Going back to a world that is no longer the same can be daunting. My hunch is that people will be looking for awe and wonder after having spent so much time indoors. May this Monday's inspiration strike some wonder in your week ahead.

p.s. I try to credit the origin of each image as best I can. If you see something incorrect, please DM me so I can credit the right person(s).

1. Yana Potter art original photo by Anastasia Lisitsyna 2. circa 1979 Hop-A-Bus, Dallas 3. Odaryadarya ceramic 4. Patrika Gate, Jaipur 5. elktree 6. Anna Danilova 7. Cecile Berrube 8. Florence and the Machine 9. Envii 10. reference unknown 11. "little women" vintage book 12. where did this birthday dinosour come from? 13. Moods of Norway 14. Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin 15. Walter Von Bierendonck