Manic Monday - week of May 18th

Updated: May 20, 2020

It's been 10 weeks since California has been cancelled--I mean, closed. They've allowed some parks and hiking trails to be opened, which I'm eager to get out to so long as the crowds are not crazy. Until then, I will just reminisce about nature from the safety of my laptop screen. This Wednesday is #WorldBeeDay. We often think of bees as those cute critters who make us honey. There are actually several species of bees which only one (the honeybee) makes the honeymoney. We know how important bees are to the health of our ecosystem. They pollinate one-third of all foods we eat. Without them, we would be living on a diet of porridge and gruel. So boring.

How does this relate to #fashion? Well, fashion is made from fabrics, many which are made from plants such as cotton. Bees pollinate cotton too. The larger conversation that the industry is having right now is about #sustainability and reducing waste, since fashion is a huge contributor of carbon. We all buy clothes, so the question is where can we redirect our dollars to benefit the environment instead of contributing to its decline?

The answer lies in this: Think of the bee. We depend on them for so much, it's the least we can do. Buy from brands that not only promote sustainable agriculture, but #regenerative agriculture. This is farming that actually leaves soil in better conditions than they started with. Soil that takes carbon from the environment and pulls it back down to the ground where it is needed to keep growing things. Imagine that REDUCES carbon! Another thing you can do is buy #organic whenever and wherever possible, as dangerous pesticides such as neonicotinoids are contributing to colony collapse of bees. Our power lies simply in where we decide to spend our money.

With that, today's Manic Monday inspirations will honor the bee.

1. Balenciaga, Spring 2016 2. Alexander McQueen, Spring 2020 3. 4. Lela Rose, Spring 2020 5. The Beekeeper's Bible 6. Thoreau 7. Oscar De La Renta, Spring 2020 8. Martha Stewart bee-inspired wares 9. 10. Betsy Johnson, Spring 2007 11. Shell stitching blanket 12. John Muir 13. Chanel, Spring 2015 14. Vanessa Hong NY fashion week in Attico 15. Free People 16. Honey Bee Lane quilt 17. The Pollinators Documentary