Manic Monday - week of May 25th

Happy Memorial Day! BBQs and beach outings this year look very different than they have in the past due to physical distancing. But we can still take this day to remember all that our veterans have done for our country, in order for us to enjoy what freedoms we have. This pandemic has been somewhat of a political divide. Some think that quarantine is infringing on our rights as free citizens. But we have to remember we are doing this to protect our most vulnerable people. The men and women who serve this country don't do it for themselves, they do it to serve their community. Let that be a reminder that freedom as an individual right is nothing if we can't share it with everyone around us, including the elderly, the sick, and the lesser fortunate.

This week's inspiration is a mix of true Americana with late spring blossoms. A little daydream and a little magic. May this holiday allow you to savor the small joys.

1. Alton Mason photographed by Emman Montalvan 2. brrch_floral 3. Gucci Year of the Dog Capsule 4. Studio Nebo 5. Heinui SS'17 photoshoot 6. Gucci Year of the Dog Capsule 7. Doan_Ly 8. Marchesa Spring 2020 9. Maisonnue 10. Zimmerman Spring 2020 11. C.S. Lewis 12. Citrus Salad Recipe - Waitrose 13. Hankerchief curtain by Babylon Sisters 14. Sezane 15. Rumi